To offer a path to free education and vocational training for needy and vulnerable children
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Founder’s Story

The Mountains of the Moon (Rwenzori) form part of the border of Uganda in the Kasese District. The Rwenzori Mountains in 1987 harboured soldiers from the defeated government of that time. One day, full of revenge, these rebels attacked a small village killing everyone they thought supported the NRM (National Resistance Movement) government. Mr. and Mrs. Kabagambe were killed in one of these attacks. However, they (Mr. and Mrs. Kabagambe) had left Joseph Aliganyira in the hands of an old peasant lady at age of 1 year. His grandmother’s source of food and potential wealth was her small garden. Deep in the equatorial setting that Kasese district offers, Joseph struggled growing up. With barely enough to eat or supplies for school, the only source of joy was the mention of his now famous father Jesus every time he went to church. By 1994, though old enough to begin school, he could not.

But that is only one side of the story, that year God did amazing things! Watoto Childcare Ministries came looking for orphans and indeed their first group of children and mothers. Joseph finally had a chance to live a near normal life with a grandmother, because Watoto took up both of them. God is good. He raised Joseph from the dust.

Joseph’s life cannot be explained without mentioning the very hand of God. First he was spared from death at the hands of the very rebels that killed his parents. He was spared from the major road accident that claimed the lives of many when he was traveling to his home village and that left him overwhelmed. Joseph is among the 33% of the Ugandans who study up to University. Actually, he was the first child in his family to have graduated with a bachelor’s degree.

If it was not because of someone giving Joseph a hand up, he would not have gone to school and that is why Joseph has this cause on his heart to do something for his country. BUT he cannot do this alone without your support. Joseph is among the few people who have degrees in his home town. He desires to see other children going to school.