To offer a path to free education and vocational training for needy and vulnerable children
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Your donation makes it possible for hungry children to eat, for sick children to receive medicine, for underprivileged children to be able to go to school, and for all to learn of the life-changing love of Jesus.

Please donate through the website.Your donations will be received by Kunihira Ministries.

N.B Bank fees for Credit / Debit cards (Visa / Master / American Express) is 4.5% therefore include that 4.5% on your donation so that your sponsored child gets enough money for his/her education.

Our security measures are designed to do just one thing. Keep you safe. Along with the highest encryption standards, we continually update our system to tackle emerging threats. Which means you and your money are protected.

Payment Instructions: Western Union

You will be asked to do following;

  • Fill in my name (receiver’s name): Aliganyira Joseph
  • Write a Text Question and Text Answer

N.B The MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number), the MTCN is generated on your receipt. After writing the text question and answer, please email Joseph the information because he will be asked the text question and answer and MTCN in order for him to get money.

When sending your donation utilizing Western Union please provide your name and address via email to (