To offer a path to free education and vocational training for needy and vulnerable children
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The issue of high school dropout rates and illiteracy levels is still a big problem in the country. This is more rampant in the Northern, Eastern and Western parts of the country. The Western region itself is continuously ranked the lowest in terms of school performance and literacy, with less than 40% of the children who enter primary school completing primary education. These numbers decrease in secondary level education with girls faring worse than boys and therefore our focus now is on the Western part of the Uganda.

With your help of $30 per month this can contribute to a boy child’s education. For a girl child, $40. Your donation will provide the child with a quality education (the school fees, as well as books and supplies, uniforms, meals, and sanitary needs for girls). We pay the school fees payment to a school where a child goes to.
When you partner with Kunihira Ministries through sponsorship, you agree to make a regular contribution that enables Kunihira Ministries to educate the most disadvantaged children.

Could you please dream with us to see this vision coming to pass?

Would you please volunteer to coordinate and direct the project in your country with the primary role of raising sponsorships for the disadvantaged children in Uganda?

The following is the ways on how you can sponsor;

  • Sponsor child as; one person, as a family, workmates or a school.

For a school, a student will contribute $ 5 monthly towards sporsorship

Contributions towards buying a land for the school and a medical center.

  • The cost of one actre of land in western part of Uganda ranges from $13000 to $20000