To offer a path to free education and vocational training for needy and vulnerable children
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Whatever your gift or interest, we would love you to come and see what’s happening on the ground.


  • You will interact and spend time with the children, and teachers and others in Harugongo village.
  • While you are in Uganda, we will participate in community activities and school out reaches as well as building schools, dormitories and clinics in HarugongoVillage.

It is simple to organise your own trip, and a visit to Uganda is an exciting opportunity for people of all ages. You do not need to have any building experience, as you will be working alongside a professional crew of Ugandan builders.

We welcome teams of all sizes to come and serve alongside our team through building & maintenance projects, ministry, medical, education or simply just to visit our kunihira projects to see how you can partner further with us.

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Medical Teams

Come along to provide specialised treatment for the people and children in Harugongo community. They train and provide outreach clinics in the community.


you are interested in serving the Lord with Kunihira Ministries for 3 months
or longer, we would love to talk to you about the opportunities to
become a missionary. We have missionaries from all walks of life serving
in a variety of skill sets. Kindly write to us and let’s get started in discerning God’s path.

Kunihira missionaries are dependent on self-support to fund their journeys. We are confident in the God who sends is the same God who provides.

International Volunteers

Are made up of individuals of various skills around the world unable to create their own teams but eager to visit as part of a group. Join others like you around the world and participate in a Kunihira project as one team. However this time around we dont have any team that will be visiting Uganda, we will you update you when the team shows up.

Ministry Teams

Provide discipleship, trauma counselling and social outreach, contributing to the spiritual and social needs of the Harugongo community.

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Travel info

Visitors coming into Uganda are required to apply for a visa. For any inquiries regarding visa applications and costs, please visit

Note: Single entry visas can be obtained at the airport however, it is better to apply for before travelling to Uganda. The rest of the visas are issued at the immigration Head Quarters in Kampala with the help of a Kunihira Representative.

To find out more please write to