To offer a path to free education and vocational training for needy and vulnerable children
Promote Kunihira
Can I Visit Kunihira?

Make a trip to Kunihira in Uganda to use your skills or talents. Read More

Get Involved

Promote Kunihira

You can promote Kunihira in your community  by;

  • Organising a local fundraiser.
  • Getting sponsorship from schools and churches.


Host a birthday party and ask guests to pledge donations to your campaign
in lieu of gifts.


Bake Sale

Shower your community with delicious treats for a great cause!



Send out your campaign information with your graduation announcements.


Lemonade Stand

Who doesn’t love a cold glass of lemonade?! Host a lemonade stand, and
build a school.



Include The Village Project campaign as part of your wedding registry.


Car Wash

Have a community car wash that spreads the word of The School Project and
ask for donations.

Host a Race 

Host a race on behalf of The Village Project and help build a village, one
runner at a time.

Share our Story

Share our story at your church, in your community, school where your children go to, at your work place.


Would you please volunteer to coordinate and direct the Kunihira Ministries in your city,town or country with the primary role of raising sponsorships for the disadvantaged children in Uganda?