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Summer Internship

The 2018 Kunihira Uganda Internship provides students (ages 18 – 21) with a life-changing summer experience! This 8-week experience in Kampala, Uganda is open to 12 individuals each summer. Your summer will be spent in the village and schools investing in the children’s lives and submersing into Ugandan culture!

Before you apply, our hope is you will prayerfully consider if this experience is right for you!

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As an organization rooted in relationship, our internship is
designed to grow relationships in three areas: Christ, other interns, and our
Ugandan family.

If selected, you will be in Uganda with up to 12 interns
where you will serve our Ugandan staff in the day to day operations of an
international missions organization. You will get to experience life on the
ground for an incredible 8 weeks. You will be stretched, challenged, and
ultimately grow during your time in Uganda. Our hope is this experience will
broaden your worldview and gives you a deep love for Uganda and the work the
Lord is doing here.

While in Uganda, the interns will be divided into groups we
call family groups. You and your family group will serve together for the
entirety of the summer as you minister in the village, participate in nightly
devotions, and discuss everything you are experiencing. An incredible
opportunity you and your family group will have this summer is to build
relationship with one particular family in the village. Every week you will
meet with this family and begin to invest in their lives as you pray, love, and
serve them. Incredible testimonies have come from this very meaningful

We have selected two godly individuals to lead you through
this summer! This is a unique mentorship experience because all of our leaders
have served with Kunihira Ministries previously and we trust them with the utmost
confidence. They will be your guide as you experience so many new and exciting
adventures that can often be very challenging.

Internship Cost


This cost is all inclusive for the 8-week experience. The cost covers your round-trip flight, food, lodging, transportation, communication, excursions, special projects, & mandatory intern retreat.

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  • Maintain appropriate relationships with those of the opposite gender (this includes Americans and Ugandans) This is not a summer to find your forever love but to grow deep in your relationship with Christ.
  • Remain respectful and submitted to all leadership during your internship, especially our Ugandan leaders.
  • Interns must be respectful of Ugandan culture and customs. Kunihira is intentional in raising our kids in Ugandan culture and strives to minimize American influence as best we can.
  • Interns are expected to walk in humility as you serve Kunihira. This experience is all about learning and growing! We are confident you will grow the most through this experience by keeping a teachable spirit.
  • It is imperative interns understand and respect Kunihira’s long term vision in Uganda. As an intern, you are only to give love and the gospel to our kids and any Ugandan you meet.
  • Interns are expected to handle conflict biblically (Matthew 18:15-17). If conflict arises, you are expected to discuss the issue with that person first. If the situation is still not resolved you are then to bring it before your leaders. Gossip will not be tolerated during this internship on Uganda and we take this very seriously at Kunihira.
  • Your time on social media and internet will be limited in Uganda. This is a very unique opportunity to detach from life back home and really invest in this time in Uganda. You will have scheduled access to the internet three a week for 30 minutes to check in with family and friends back home. We just ask you are mindful of how media and internet is affecting your time in Uganda.
  • Interns are expected to lead by example while in Uganda. Be mindful our kids, short term team members, and community often look up to you in many ways. We expect your life will exemplify Christ in all that you do.