To offer a path to free education and vocational training for needy and vulnerable children
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Our sponsorship program exists to connect individuals with vulnerable children to experience the love of Christ. We partner together to provide for the children’s basic needs including medical care and education as well as cultivating personal development by teaching essential skills and encouraging spiritual growth. Our goal is that, by God’s grace, our kids will grow into healthy and productive, Christ-centered leaders in Uganda.

Why the girl child needs more attention as compared to a boy child;

  • The adolescent girl is more vulnerable than the boy child.
  • Most of these girls face serious challenges like early pregnancy, child marriages, and school drop out which casts a dark cloud over their future.
  • In Uganda today, young people make 50 percent of the population, most of them being adolescents 10-17 years.Today the statistics show that in Uganda,25 percent of women age 15-19 are mothers or pregnant with thier first child


Over half of Uganda’s population is under 15 years old,
making it the second youngest country in the world.

We not only want to feed children in Uganda, we want to make sure they have a future.

We want to raise a generation of Christian leaders in Uganda. Will you partner with us?

A Pool Donation

Faithful Monthly Contribution: $35
Your contribution covers the following;

  • Spiritual development, growing them into disciple makers,Bibles
  • we ensure the protection and development of Kunihira’s future vision-it covers expenses such as communication,office space.
  • We empower a child with every additional tool and skill needed for success

Child Sponsors are such a vital role in the life of Children.


How someone cares for a child matters because it is the determining factor of that child’s future.

One of Kunihira’s primary goals is to raise children who will grow into impactful, Christ-centered leaders for Uganda. Each Kunihira child is being equipped with practical ways to give back to Ugandan society as leaders in every walk of life.

What you CAN EXPECT when you sponsor a child

A relationship with your child, communication through Skype calls a couple of times a year, newsletters with
updates on their progress in school, recent pictures and more!