To offer a path to free education and vocational training for needy and vulnerable children
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We offer a path to free education for needy and vulnerable children in the western part of Uganda. Students receive education from Kunihira Ministries. This includes everything they need in order to stay in school (school fees, scholastic materials [books, pens, pencils, uniforms etc], sanitary towels for a girl child, and meals).

We support education for students who are in Primary, and Secondary (high school). We hope to provide what is needed to educate as many children as we can in an effort to eradicate poverty and save future generations. In so doing we contribute to Uganda’s Socio-Economic development.

The issue of high school dropout rates and illiteracy levels is still a big problem in the country. This is more rampant in the Northern, Eastern and Western parts of the country. The Western region itself is continuously ranked the lowest in terms of school performance and literacy, with less than 40% of the children who enter primary school completing primary education. These numbers decrease in secondary level education with girls faring worse than boys and therefore our focus now is on the Western part of the Uganda.

Apart from providing girls with education, we also provide them with sanitary needs to help them stay in school. This is one of the factors that lead to girl drop out from education: the fact that parents cannot afford things such as books and supplies, uniforms, meals, and sanitary needs for girls, so retaining a girl child in school becomes hard.


God again spoke to Joseph to meet the medical needs in his home village called Harugongo.

There is no health center in Harugongo village in Kaborole district.Harugongo is a very remote village with no electricity, no clean water and it has over 30,000 people.So people walk a distance of 7 kilometers to get medical care.The medical person in that village treats patients from his home and in most case he just gives first aid.

The expecting mothers and patients who need admissions  are refered to Verika hospital  which nine kilometers away. The most common means of transport is bodaboda (a type of motorcycle or bicycle with a space for a passenger or for carrying goods,) Imagine with me an expecting mother sitting on a bodaboada for about 30 minutes journey, this is so hurting.

Our dream is to have a well built health center with well trained medical people in Harugongo Village.

We believe with your support we will be able offer free medical treatment to thousands of people who can not afford medical bills.